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Agathe Daae-Qvale

Agathe Daae-Qvale

"As the author of Digitized Product Management, I offer guidance and a clear methodology for leaders, product managers, and consultants to navigate professionally through the expanding landscape referred to as Industry v4.0. 

As a practicing Integral Master Coach™, I optimize extensive tools, empower human change, and teach applicable skills much needed to navigate the changing digital landscape. Therefore, high-level coaching methods weave through every aspect of my work.

For those who wish to study the impact of digitalization, Digitized Product Management draws parallels to natural evolution and human change principles in the same breath as making emerging technologies and their disrupting business models available to a wide audience. The vantage point on tech as an Integral Master Coach™ enables human perspective-taking on the tech-driven change happening globally today.


Global companies today must understand and balance stable and secure operations while exploring innovative connections between business and technology. My personal passion for business case building and value stream mapping is my motivation for following emerging technologies.

My mission is to provide a purposeful point of view on what is happening all around us today in the space of digitalization through innovation. The ground rules of innovation are constant principles. These rules are still applicable when artificial intelligence and agile approaches seemingly disrupt the rules of the game. My passion is to explore the dilemmas my readers face so they can better own the changes by becoming directors as opposed to reacting to the evolution of technology. My goal is to make these insights accessible, meaningful, and human."

- Agathe Daae-Qvale



Agathe Daae-Qvale is an Integral Master Coach™ working in leadership development that focuses on both the human and tech sides of digital transformation. She works as a special advisor in the Norwegian public health care sector on new software technologies and their successful applications.

In 2017, she founded TinkerBlue AS and later co-founded DoubleYou AS in an effort to unleash underused tech potential and skillsets among internationals in Norway.

Agathe is proficient in industrial IT and process modeling and improvement, IT governance, IT strategy, IT operations, and product management.

Her experience includes working with management consulting companies like EY, KPMG, and Sopra Steria. She has worked as a consulting director in the exhilarating growth phase of the industrial IT unicorn Cognite, which primarily focuses on industrial data and digitized product management. She has also served as Chief Development Officer for Cenium, responsible for product development and global distribution during the shift from local based to cloud based platform technology.

With over two decades of proficiency in the corporate, industrial, and management consulting sectors of Australasia, the Middle East, and Continental Europe, Agathe’s involvement with industrial systems (referred to as industrial artificial intelligence in the 1990s) prepared her for the renaissance and commercialization of data-driven tech products and services surging across the globe today.

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