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Technology Advisor & Business Coach

"A Technology Advisor is a strategic consultant specializing in guiding businesses to align their strategies with optimal growth through technology. With expertise in emerging technologies, they play a crucial role in helping businesses make informed decisions for sustained success in the dynamic tech landscape."
Agathe Daae-Qvale


Agathe Daae-Qvale is an Integral Master Coach™ working in leadership development that focuses on both the human and tech sides of digital transformation. She works as a special advisor in the Norwegian public health care sector on new software technologies and their successful applications. 


Her experience includes working with management consulting companies like EY, KPMG, and Sopra Steria. She has worked as a consulting director in the exhilarating growth phase of the industrial IT unicorn Cognite, which primarily focuses on industrial data and digitized product management. She has also served as Chief Development Officer for Cenium, responsible for product development and global distribution during the shift from local based to cloud based platform technology. Read more...

Key Benefits


Strategic Alignment:

A Technology Advisor helps align technology strategies with overall business objectives, ensuring that product development efforts are in sync with the company's long-term goals. By providing strategic guidance, they enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of product management processes. 


Technology Integration:

Technology Advisors excel in identifying and integrating relevant technologies that can optimize product development and management. They stay abreast of emerging trends, helping corporations adopt cutting-edge tools and methodologies to stay competitive and deliver innovative products to the market.


Risk Mitigation:

Technology Advisors play a crucial role in assessing potential risks associated with technology decisions in product management. By providing insights into the potential challenges and pitfalls, they enable corporations to make informed decisions, minimizing risks and enhancing the overall success rate of product initiatives.

Innovation Catalyst: 

Technology Advisors act as catalysts for innovation in product management. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and creative thinking, they propel organizations toward groundbreaking solutions. Their keen insights into technological possibilities empower teams to push boundaries, ensuring that product development remains at the forefront of industry innovation.


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