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Everyone Deserves a Career Copilot: FutureFit AI Launches New AI Career Assistant in Beta

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

FutureFit AI's new generative AI-powered career assistant offers governments and employers a transformative approach to providing job seekers and workers with quality career guidance, access to skills training, and job search at a fraction of the cost.

FutureFit AI, the future of work technology company, today announced the beta launch of Career Copilot, an intelligent career assistant powered by generative AI to connect job seekers and workers with career services, training programs, and jobs, in partnership with both government agencies and employers.

Nearly a year after ChatGPT's release, Career Copilot arrives amid challenging forecasts with at least half of the workforce expected to experience job changes due to AI over the next few years. At the same time, employers in critical industries like healthcare and manufacturing face persistent talent and skills shortages. Career Copilot aims to reconcile these challenges by using the same technology that threatens to disrupt labor markets to accelerate new paths to emerging opportunities.

Government agencies are one of the two primary market segments FutureFit AI is partnering with during the beta period to offer access to Career Copilot. These agencies have the opportunity to transform their workforce services provided to job seekers by offering a version of Career Copilot specific to their organization that can intake local program data, triage job seekers to the right services, and complement existing workflows to enhance staff capacity.

"As talent shortages in the economy persist, workforce agencies across the country face the daunting challenge of bringing job seekers into the workforce system who have traditionally been underserved and providing them with scalable and affordable personalized guidance into the labor market," said Dr. Mardy Leathers, former State Director of Missouri's public workforce system. "Career Copilot represents a remarkable opportunity for state and local workforce agencies to reimagine service delivery through the power of an AI career assistant that has the potential to increase reach, accessibility, and labor market outcomes."

FutureFit AI is also partnering with employers during the beta period to offer access to Career Copilot as a way to enhance career mobility across the employee lifecycle. Employers have the opportunity to transform their support for both existing employees and candidates in the hiring process by offering a version of Career Copilot specific to their company that can intake open roles, direct individuals to internal and external resources, and provide critical talent data insights.

"One of the greatest challenges our employees face is discovering their passion, potential and career pathway. To build an effective workforce ecosystem, we must do a better job connecting talent with opportunities and supports," said Marguerite Samms, Chief Learning Officer at Intermountain Health, a healthcare system that employs 60,000 workers. "To achieve this, we need tremendous speed and scale complemented by a personalized human experience. Career Copilot creates new possibilities to better engage existing employees to enhance employee engagement and mobility, as well as candidates in our talent acquisition process to drive better hiring outcomes."

Under the hood, Career Copilot delivers a holistic solution in 50+ languages and includes intelligent profiling, motivational support, labor market data, workflow automation, and customer adaptation, to reach more people with quality support at a fraction of the cost for government agencies and employers. In addition to advanced generative AI capabilities, FutureFit AI has heavily invested in ensuring that Career Copilot has market-leading data security and privacy measures to protect sensitive organizational and user data, as well as Responsible AI principles and practices in place designed to minimize bias, enhance accuracy, and provide safeguards.

"The accelerating progress of technology means that the workforce is changing faster than ever, and many individuals are at risk of falling behind in the economy without access to personalized career guidance," said Terralynn Forsyth, Head of Data and Co-Founder at FutureFit AI. "AI helps us accomplish the dual objectives of radically expanding reach while also delivering highly personalized career guidance to the workforce. Our team at FutureFit AI is incredibly excited about the impact that Career Copilot will have for our government and employer partners, but even more so for the individuals they serve in creating economic mobility for all."

To learn more about Career Copilot and explore how government agencies and employers can join the private beta, please visit FutureFit AI's Career Copilot announcement page.

About FutureFit AI FutureFit AI partners with government agencies and Fortune 500 employers to provide workers with an AI-powered tool to help them navigate their careers. FutureFit AI is a fast-growing future of work startup that is always looking for mission-driven talent to join the team in scaling to its next level of impact. Check out open roles on the FutureFit AI careers page.

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