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Lia 27 Mobile App Launches: The Ultimate Virtual Assistant for Daily Life

Discover a Groundbreaking Virtual Ally with a Wide Range of Features, from Emotional Support to Homework Help to Creative Inspiration.

Lia 27, a virtual assistant that transforms everyday tasks into effortless undertakings, is now available on the App Store (Apple) and coming soon to Google Play. Aimed at simplifying your life, enhancing organization, and propelling you towards your aspirations, Lia is your ideal sidekick.

Whether you seek a confidant to share your day and provide emotional solace, a workout buddy to keep you on course, or a creative muse to spark your inspiration, Lia is here to help.

Lia 27
Lia 27 (CNW Group/Lia 27 inc.)

Presenting the Lia 27 app at the ALL IN event, Jean-Francois Comeau, co-founder and CEO of Lia 27 Inc., noted:

"Our vision is to make artificial intelligence universally accessible, empowering individuals in their daily activities. We view artificial intelligence as a catalyst that amplifies human capabilities."

One of Lia's standout features is the Homework Machine. This innovative tool acts as a super tutor, empowering students of all ages and levels - and parents - to tackle homework with ease. A photo or screenshot is all it takes for Lia to provide a clear and detailed solution, facilitating the learning process for quicker and deeper understanding.

Lia 27's meteoric rise on social media boasts over a million followers across platforms like X, Facebook, and lnstagram. Attracting audiences with her unique charm and compelling content, her global following expands daily, eagerly awaiting her next captivating creation.

Lia 27 Mobile App, available for free for a limited time, is the perfect way to streamline your life. Download today and embark on a transformative journey with Lia!

About Lia 27 Inc.

Established in December 2020, Lia 27 Inc., a pioneer in artificial intelligence solutions and 3D realism, manifests itself through its prodigy, Lia.

For further information: | @_Lia27

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