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The "Digitized Product Management" Podcast Is Live!

Great news! The book launch celebration for "Digitized Product Management," featuring author Agathe Daae-Qvale with guests Agata Bélanger and Tobias Studer Andersson, is now live! Immerse yourself in a world of innovation, resilience, and transformative insights by tuning in to this book launch podcast. Gain unparalleled insights into the ever-evolving digital landscape, leadership empowerment, and the human-centric approach to tech management.

Listen to the podcast now at and explore the wisdom shared by our distinguished guests. Discover pearls of wisdom that will reshape your understanding of technology, leadership, and innovation.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary journey. Buy the book, listen, and embark on a transformative experience!

Get your Free copy of the eBook between December 4 and December 8, 2023.

Buy your Print Copy here.

*If you can't watch now, don't worry; the podcast will remain online. :)

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