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Unisys Opens Registration for Its 15th Annual Unisys Innovation Program

The program's next iteration will focus on emerging, solution-oriented technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing and data analytics

Unisys (NYSE: UIS) has opened registration for its fifteenth annual Unisys Innovation Program (UIP), the company's flagship technical project competition for engineering students in India. The ten-month program provides a platform for budding innovators to learn hands-on from Unisys mentors, subject matter experts and other leaders before entering the workforce. This experience is designed to push participants to think creatively and develop cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to make a significant impact on organizations in various industries.

This year, the program will center on ten themes related to business and technical challenges that students can select from to develop solutions. Once they have chosen their theme, participants can apply their creativity, problem-solving skills, technical expertise and teamwork as they navigate various stages of the program.

The themes explore a variety of subjects, including:

  • AI Ubiquity: Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has firmly established itself in a multitude of industries today. Additionally, the capacity of generative AI to produce human-like content equips organizations to explore innovative opportunities with exceptional speed.

  • Connected World (IoT): The future of IoT looks promising, with new advancements and applications constantly emerging. As more people, systems, devices and objects become interconnected, the potential for innovation is boundless.

  • Zero Trust Security: Zero Trust operates on the principle that no user or device should be inherently trusted, regardless of location. This has gained significant traction due to its proactive stance against cyber threats and adaptability to emerging technologies.

  • Quantum computing: Quantum computing is becoming more mainstream as a viable option to digest and analyze vast amounts of data. Domains like cryptography, optimization, AI and machine learning are gaining momentum with advances in quantum technologies.

  • Sustainability Equilibrium: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) extends beyond traditional corporate social responsibility efforts today. By fostering creative approaches to address systemic issues, leveraging technology, data-driven insights and collaborative partnerships, companies can contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet.

  • Immersive Experiences: Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies create immersive experiences that transport users to new realms, blurring the lines between the digital and physical worlds. As technologies evolve, their versatility and potential can enrich user engagement, learning, creativity and interactions.

  • Supercharged Developer (also known as 10X Developer): 10X developers are known for their deep technical knowledge and expert proficiency in programming languages, frameworks and tools. Applying students may create tools that enable average developers to become supercharged developers.

  • Systemic and Algorithmic Innovation: This theme involves developing novel and efficient algorithms that address complex problems across various domains. Systemic and algorithmic innovation explores their ability to produce cutting-edge breakthroughs, trends and impacts on technology and society, along with processes and systems that can potentially reform industries.

  • Data: We live in a digital era where data creation has amplified exponentially. This influx has paved the way for transformative technologies that thrive on data-driven insights, adhering to ethical considerations and privacy regulations. Data is the cornerstone for personalized experiences, predictive analytics and process optimization across sectors.

  • Open Innovation: While there are ten themes, the technology landscape expands beyond them. Open innovation has emerged as a transformative paradigm, revolutionizing how organizations approach problem-solving.

Teams may choose among these themes and technologies when creating their project demos.

"India's digitally skilled talent pool has grown synonymous with tech innovation in recent years, making it the home of some of the world's most talented youth in IT. At Unisys, we hold a steadfast belief in breakthroughs, underscoring the significance of a platform where emerging professionals can bring them to the forefront of India's technology revolution," said Sumed Marwaha, managing director of Unisys in India. "Our Unisys Innovation Program is focused on equipping the participants with the specialized technical skills of the future and enhancing their employability across the globe."

Registration is open until February 15, 2024. To learn more about the Unisys Innovation Program and submission process, click here.


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